Welcome to Selver’s Supplier Portal

Welcome to Selver’s Supplier Portal


Since 2023, Selver’s purchasing department has implemented the product management information system, Lexi.Market. Our aim is to obtain higher quality product data from manufacturers and wholesalers and to streamline the information exchange process.
With Lexi.Market, product data can be submitted alongside the quotation without the need for an additional Excel form. The system automatically checks the suitability of the data composition of the offered products, which simplifies the filling out and correction of missing data fields.
Using Lexi.Market, suppliers save time when sending offers and product data, while Selver can process the received information more efficiently. Selver also provides feedback on product offers sent via Lexi.Market directly within the platform, where you can communicate with the purchasing manager through a secure chat window.


Register for Lexi.Market

Becoming a Lexi.Market user is straightforward. You simply need to fill out the contact form below. Based on your submission, we will formalize the contract for the use of the platform. After the contract is finalized, our customer manager will create an account for you and transfer the main user rights.
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Enter Your Products

A prerequisite for a successful offer is the transmission of high-quality product data. Instead of a cumbersome Excel spreadsheet, we provide a convenient web-based user interface for managing product data, where product information is filled in by sections. Please also attach a high-quality image of your product!

Make an Offer

Once the products have been added to the platform, you can easily format an offer with just a few clicks.
The offer can be sent directly from the Lexi.Market environment, and Selver will also make its decision within the Lexi.Market platform.

Lexi.Market Selver Package Terms and Conditions

What can be done with Lexi.Market?
The Selver package on Lexi.Market enables you to input and manage products and create offers for Selver. Selver evaluates the submitted offers and provides feedback on the decision via Lexi.Market. If needed, active negotiations can take place within the platform, with a record of the discussions kept for reference.
How much does the package cost?
The supplier portal is free for all active Selver suppliers.
Can product information be sent to other retail chains via Lexi.Market?
Through Lexi.Market, you can send offers and product information not only to Selver, but also to all the largest retail chains in Estonia and the Baltics. The system can automatically include the correctly completed product form of each retail chain with the offer. To access this feature, you need to select the Lexi.Market standard package that suits your company's volume, the cost of which depends on the number of products.