For retailer

For retailer

Platform for the purchasing department to download product information and conclude agreements with suppliers

Lexi.Market is a secure cloud-based platform used by purchasing managers for processing offers with product images and concluding agreements. The entire negotiation history is stored in the joint offer archive of the supplier and retail chain, supplementing email records.

The trade calendar provides for the retail chain a compact overview of assortment and campaign periods

Due to its interactive feature, the trade calendar displays for suppliers all assortment and campaign periods of various retail chains, as well as offer deadlines and notifications for suppliers in Lexi.Market view.


The product range management module allows for convenient management of your product portfolio

Lexi.Market provides an accurate and complete overview of the entire assortment, facilitating the management of product selection, orders, and agreements with suppliers.

It’s an excellent tool to monitor whether the assortment and purchase prices of products meet current needs and to compare the product range with alternative options.

The purchase management dashboard – a powerful add-on module for the purchasing department

The purchase management dashboard enables you to gather the received offers and process them conveniently and quickly in bulk.
When confirming price agreements, mass import of product data, purchase prices, or retail prices is carried out into the internal information systems of the retail chain, eliminating the need for Excel tables and manual work.

Retailers use Lexi.Market to accelerate the work of purchasing managers, where they can:


Communicate more conveniently with suppliers


Obtain a comprehensive overview of the products


Search for products by brand, code, type of product, or even nutritional information


Export product data to the retailer's own Excel form

or information systems

Request products for an assortment or campaign


Download product images and additional files


View and manage price agreements with suppliers


Reduce time spent on data entry


Organize tenders


Manage campaigns


Compare the products of the current assortment with the offered products

Helen Siirus

Sales Manager