For HoReCa

For HoReCa

Trading platform with a wide range of products for choosing and ordering products

Lexi.Market brings together products from manufacturers and retailers with detailed nutritional information. Requesting offers, organizing smaller and larger procurements, and ordering products from different suppliers at the same time are just a few examples of what HoReCa companies can do with Lexi.Market.

Procurement organization

In Lexi.Market, you can request quotes from suppliers, but it’s even more convenient to enter the procurement of necessary products in the trade calendar. The invitation to participate in the tender can be sent to all suppliers or a specific group of suppliers.

The suppliers’ Lexi.Market receives a notification about the procurement and they can start offering products that match the procurement conditions.


Ordering products

The order form allows you to order products from different suppliers at the same time with one order. When the order is assembled and activated, the Lexi.Market order system sends the order information to each supplier separately.

The order history provides a good overview of previously ordered products and speeds up the delivery of repeat orders with up-to-date prices.

Helen Siirus

Sales Manager