Modern PIM solution to keep all your product information in one place 01

Gather your product info from ERP-system, Excel files and file folders into one single and comfortable database that helps you share the data inside your organization or with external partners.
Lexi also has a sophisticated product image management solution that defines the required image amounts and resolutions for each product category.

Compose and track your professional product proposals with our built-in CRM features 02

We have made it very easy to make the assortment or campaign proposals to the retailers or HoReCa customers with Lexi.Market CRM module. As you already have all your products properly enlisted in our PIM, so just choose the products, pick your customer from the list, set the prices and Lexi.Market makes sure your proposal will reach the target the way they expect it.
The extra magic comes from the retail specific product forms that will validate your product information towards the retailer requirements and will take your product data to the format that is required by your retail partner.
All of that will save you up a ton of time from the routine manual labor.

Never miss a campaign window 03

Lexi.Market has the active assortment and campaign calendar that we are synchronizing with the retailers to make sure that all the important information is up to date for all the suppliers on the Lexi.Market platform.
Using that calendar, you will never miss the important timeslots to present your product to the retailers.

Your data is protected 04

We are all unique, but sometimes our e-mail calendar does not know that and tends to send letters to the people that you did not intend to. Sometimes it is just funny, but when it comes to your confidential pricing information, you would like to make sure that such mistakes does not happen.
Lexi.Market protects your data and communication with the partners so that confidential information will remain confidential.

Key features

Modern cloud SaaS application with simple user interface that is quick and easy to implement.
Comprehensive product information management (PIM) with configurable product cards.
Simple CRM system to compose and send product offers
Validated retail-specific Excel forms are composed and sent automatically
API integration with in-house ERP systems and e-commerce solutions
Product image management


Supplier PIM/CRM
  • Up to 20 products
    1 user
Supplier PIM/CRM
  • Up to 100 products
    Unlimited users
Supplier PIM/CRM
  • Up to 300 products
    Unlimited users
    Product information entering service
Supplier PIM/CRM
  • Up to 1000 products
    Unlimited users
    Product information entering service
    Inventory management
    API usage
Supplier PIM/CRM
  • Unlimited products
    Unlimited users
    Product information entering service
    Inventory management
    API usage

Lexi Retail has the full toolbox for the purchase department 01

Lexi.Market is the modern SaaS cloud platform to keep all your product information and images in one place.
In addition to the product information exchange platform, we are providing extra tools for the purchase departments of the retailer companies to simplify the product management and purchase process.
Our intuitive user interface makes the product management easier than before and saves a lot of time from the routine work many companies are facing every day.

Improved data quality 02

Product information quality in our database is automatically validated according to the mathematical calculations.
The query to GS1 database makes sure that all the product codes are registered so that it will not cause the conflicts in the cashier terminals.

Supports trading 05

Publish assortment and campaign calendars to receive right offers on time.

Streamline the process 03

All product offers from suppliers arrive to one modern web desktop where they can be validated and compared. Users can view the past offers and negotiation history so that the entire process is transparent and no agreement is forgotten.

Validated import 04

Lexi.Market has a powerful import tool to acquire Excel-form based product information to the Lexi.Market offer list even if the supplier is not using a supported PIM solution.

Key features

Modern cloud application with simple user interface
Comprehensive product information and image database
Export products to retailers Excel format
Report assortment / campaign decisions back to suppliers
API integration with in-house ERP system


Lexi Retail
Toolset for the purchase departments
1 600
  • - Organize product or raw material procurement
    - Receive product proposals to Lexi.Market
    - Import proposals
    - Compare and validate the proposed products
    - Chat and negotiate with the supplier
    - Manage assortment and campaign calendars
    - Manage pricing and contract conditions