About us

About us

Historical background

  • 2011
    Wallpaper 2012
    Brightspark was founded
    Kari Maripuu and Markko Legonkov started the software develpment company Brightspark, naming the company to state that only the brightest sparks will be working for the company so that only the best solutions would get published as a result.
  • 2018
    The initial concept of Lexi.Market was introduced
    Brightspark has been developing an inhouse product information management platform for Coop Estonia since 2015. Throughout the entire development period, Brightspark realized that they are only solving one part of the problem but the need is much wider. The company realized that if they want to bring the real value to the entire market, the concept of an online data exchange platform must be launched. So, on this day Brightspark introduced the concept of Lexi.Market for the Estonian Retailers Union and it was positively accepted as one of possible solutions.
  • 2019
    Brightspark sold its software development unit
    Brightspark has signed the contract with Uptime to take over the software development division and its customers. With this deal, Brightspark has finalized its long-term business ambition to transform from custom software develpment house to single-product developer and distributor.
  • 2020
    Lexi.Market joined Ajujaht
    Lexi.Market software MVP has just been completed and the company decided to join with the most prestigious Estonian startup programmes - Ajujaht.
  • 2021
    Seed funding complete
    Lexi.Market has completed the seed round funding on the Funderbeam platform. 833 000€ was subscribed in just one week by 197 investors.

The team

Lexi.Market müügijuht Helen Murer

Helen Siirus

Sales Manager

Roland Tammeorg

Product Manager

Kari Maripuu


Markko Legonkov


Arkadi Rožhdestvenski


Aleksei Lebedev


Martin Ustav

Front-end Developer

Aleksandra Chepel

UI Designer

Monica Maripuu


Investor relations

Brightspark has launched the private crowdfunding campaign on the Funderbeam platform that has been successfully closed on 30th of April.
Due to the successful bidding (Lexi.Market stock was marked 3 times over the initial indication), we decided to skip the public round, but Lexi.Market shares will be publicly tradable on the Funderbeam platform soon.
See more on the Funderbeam page. www.funderbeam.com

Ajujaht 2020/2021

Lexi.Market has been a part of the Ajujaht 2020/2021 competition since October 2020. Through several development stages and pitches, Brightspark has been selected to the TOP6 and will continue the challenge towards the grand finals.
It has been a remarkable challenge to go through all the develompent programs and to meet all the interesting people on our path.
Read more about us here.


Brightspark OÜ

Meistri 14, Tallinn